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The Company


McCann Protective Services (MPS) delivers discreet and customized security services for the diplomatic community, corporate executives, celebrities and their families.  MPS offers problem-solving consulting for major corporations, non-profit institutions and government agencies with respect to:


  • Executive Protection and Threat Management

  • Crisis Management and Emergency Response

  • Protective Travel Arrangements

  • Security Awareness Programs

  • Investigations and Intelligence Services

  • Electronic Counter-Security Measures

Michael McCann, Esq.


Michael McCann, the former Chief of Security of the United Nations, is the President of

McCann Protective Services, LLC. The company delivers discrete and customized security

services for the diplomatic community, corporate executives, celebrities and their families.

In addition to Executive Protection, services include threat – risk - vulnerability assessments,

investigations, computer forensics, training and counter security sweeps.
As United Nations Chief of Security, Mr. McCann was responsible for the protection of delegates, staff, visiting dignitaries, and other visitors to the United Nations headquarters and for conferences and meetings organized by the United Nations held in the United States and overseas. In addition to his responsibilities for the safety of the Secretary-General and other senior UN officials, Mr. McCann provided strategic and executive direction for UN security operations, including emergency preparedness, crisis management plans and the development of uniform security standards and practices for UN offices globally. During his tenure and to this day, the UN Security and Safety Service is recognized internationally for its diversity, professionalism and ability to carry out its missions under challenging circumstances. His duties included executive oversight of UN Regional Commissions as well as UN Offices in Geneva and Vienna as well as liaising security arrangements with UN Funds and Programmes (UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA, UNOPS).
Mr. McCann is a former senior ranking officer from the New York City Police Department. Prior to working at the UN, McCann was a Commanding Officer of the Intelligence Division’s Dignitary Protection and Threat Assessment Units, responsible for the protection of national and international officials visiting New York City. Previously as the Commanding Officer of the 25th Police Precinct he was responsible for all police service in East Harlem. A 26-year veteran of the New York City Police Department, Mr. McCann began his career as a Police Officer.
Mr. McCann is also a member of the International Association of the Chief of Police (IACP) and serves on the International Policing Division Steering Committee, the New York State Bar Association, the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS), the National Law Enforcement Association and the NYPD Captains Endowment Association.
Mr. McCann received a Juris Doctorate degree from New York Law School and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from the City University of New York’s John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He is the President of John Jay’s Alumni Association.


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