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DriverGuard ensures that its passengers are kept safe and secure in the busiest of traffic, and arrive at their destination relaxed and ready to engage in business or pleasure. It is a disturbing fact of life that having a high profile corporate image, being famous or simply financially secure, can make someone a victim of their own success. DriverGuard ensures the complete safety of its passengers and eliminates the potentially unscrupulous determination of an assailant who may view their potential victim as a source of ransom or the subject of a grudge. DriverGuard employs highly skilled drivers who are law-enforcement professionals and counter terrorism experts. The training of DriverGuard personnel includes counter surveillance techniques and advanced driving skills that go way beyond the capabilities of the ordinary driver.


DriverGuard security drivers are available to drive your vehicle or our fully armored vehicles that include satellite tracking systems.

All of our vehicles are fitted with the latest cutting edge satellite tracking system currently available. We provide the following DriverGuard categories in this field.

  • Security Chauffeurs

  • VIP Anti-Hijack Security Drivers

  • Secure Courier Service

  • High value load escorts

  • Varied range of Executive and Luxury vehicles

  • Specialist armored vehicles for goods & passengers

  • Any type or make of vehicle can be supplied on request

  • A range of tracking/location solutions can be provided offering protection for the individual in all environments.


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